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Every man on the planet likes erotica. No exeptions. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise.
But do you know how it all began? Read below.


There’s a tendency among alarmists to decry modern sexual practices as a sign that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and that we’ve clearly lost sight of our morals. The assumption of such alarmists is that there was a simpler time when people simply married someone and had sex with them for the rest of their lives and didn’t have a need for pornography of any kind or any interest in fetishistic subjects. Of course, this is all absolute bollocks, as even a brief investigation of sex, porn, or even erotic photography makes perfectly clear. Just take a look at http://x-arthd.com.



Our subject today is the aforementioned erotic photography, and a panicky moralist might say that its history began with the founding of smut mags like Playboy and Penthouse, and the sites like http://realitypornking.tv, but it will be unsurprising to anyone with a realistic mind to know that the history of erotic photography dates as far back as the history of photography. It should be surprising to absolutely no one that one of the first things anyone with a camera would want to take a picture of was a naked woman. Erotic photography dates back all the way to 1839, when Louis Daguerre unveiled a method of photography that allowed for exceptional high quality that was retained as time passed, unlike other methods of the day. The technique was soon used by artists and, as with painters and sculptors before them, many focused on the female form as their subject matter.



At the time it was technically illegal to produce a nude image for any other purpose than an artistís studies, but there was plenty of wiggle room with that rule that allowed photographers to create erotic artwork with lovely women as their models. Modern internet sites are doing exactly that, they produce quality and very erotic content. Watch some Alexis Brill videos to understand what we're talking about. In 1841 William Fox Talbot patented a process that made it possible to create multiple copies of pictures, leading to a boom in the production of nude portraits. They were considered pornographic, but like today, that classification did nothing to stem the desire for them. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of websites, like http://passion-hd.tv or http://www.nubilefilms.tv to point out just two of them. Paris was a hub of early erotic photography, with the number of photo studios in the city exploding from 13 to 400 over a period over just more than a decade. The authorities saw it as their duty to prevent the mass production of these so-called pornographic images, but erotic photography thrived as an underground business and quickly spread to Britain, where the appetite for it was great. Models from more exotic places around the world were highly sought after, giving citizens that were used to white women something new to enjoy. And nowadays we have great selection of sites in JAV porn category.

In 1913 erotic photography took a great leap forward with the invention of the 35 mm camera by Oskar Barnack. It was a far more compact camera than those previously used, and it made it considerably easier for photographers and their models to shoot in a wide variety of places, including adventuring out into the world to find quiet, secluded and semi-public locations to take bold and daring pictures. The images were often meant to titillate, but the medium was a great chance for talented artists and beautiful models to create something meaningful and real and show the world something that had rarely been seen.

Despite the growing popularity of erotic photography, there were still many people uncomfortable with it. Any advance towards the openness of sexuality is met with great resistance and always has been, which is why some photographers refused to show the faces of their models for fear of them being persecuted or prosecuted. Their bodies were on full display though and the voracious audience for these artworks was fully appreciative. A great way to show them is to launch a site like WowPorn.

Erotic photography saw its greatest breakthrough during World War II, when pin-up girls became hugely popular. Instead of models having to hide their faces, these women became international superstars and sex symbols. Famous actresses posed for pictures and achieved exceptional notoriety because of it. The tide had changed, and as pin-up photography became more popular it moved from showing off the girls in swimsuits and short dresses and skirts to bare breasts. The founding of Playboy magazine, as well as shooting 18 only movies and pure mature hd videos for internet delivery, was a huge milestone for erotic photography as its instant popularity allowed other magazines to follow in its footsteps and the money generated made it hard for the government or panicky people to stop the wave of erotic photography that followed.

The social upheaval in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s allowed erotic photography to grow at a rapid pace. In the span of just a few decades it was acceptable to show fully nude women in magazines. In another two decades it was okay to show penetration, and with the dawn of the internet age anything is possible.

Nowadays erotic photography is one of the most popular forms of pornographic material online. It arguably gets less attention than flashier, sometimes nastier types of adult entertainment, but it remains one of the most profitable forms of nude artistic expression. The appreciation of overwhelming beauty will never go out of style, and crafting beautiful erotic photographs is a genuinely difficult task, which is why itís harder to find.

Erotic photography has certainly gone through incredible changes over the years, but in reality itís still about the same thing: celebrating the beauty of the female body (in most cases, at least; men are included in some pics). Nearly two centuries ago the first erotic photographers took pictures to capture how astonishingly beautiful a nude woman could be. The exact same thing happens today, only the pictures look so much better because the camera technology is astonishing and the artists working today have learned from those that came before them.

Most of the magazines from the 1960s and 1970s that pushed erotic photography into its current, hugely popular form have closed or are going strictly digital. The internet has changed everything, but itís never been easier to access the erotic images you desire. Itís never been easier to appreciate how breathtakingly beautiful the female form is, and with digital cameras itís never been easier to try your hand at a little erotic photography.